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Effecient And Auto Model Fine-Tuning

tensormatrix arrowTensormatrix excels in efficient LoRA-based LLM fine-tuning, setting a new benchmark in the industry

tensormatrix arrowOur approach allows for fine-tuning of LLMs with just 1/10th the GPU usage compared to PEFT automatically

tensormatrix arrowThis significant reduction in resource requirements enables us to tailor these models to specific use-cases and industries more cost-effectively

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Innovative Model Serving

tensormatrix arrowOur model serving solutions are uniquely designed to utilize both CPU and GPU memory concurrently

tensormatrix arrowThis innovative approach significantly reduces operational costs by more than 80%, offering a highly economical option for businesses seeking advanced AI capabilities

tensormatrix arrowOffer various LLM model serving frameworks and efficient GPU memory management strategies

Autonomous End to End AI Model Building Framework

tensormatrix arrowFault Tolerance

Distributed training can continue to operate in the event of a failure

tensormatrix arrowFlash Checkpoint

Distributed training can recover from failures within seconds from memory checkpoints

tensormatrix arrowAutomatic Scaling

Distributed training can scale resources up or down to improve stability, throughput, and resource utilization

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Open-Source Based Framework

tensormatrix arrowM-LoRA

Effecient LLM model fine-tuning


tensormatrix arrowDLRover

An Automatic Distributed Deep Learning System


tensormatrix arrowCouler

Automatically AI workflow management


Use Cases

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LLM-Based IT Auto Maintenance

tensormatrix arrowConstruct an LLM-based data pipeline to extract network maintenance commands

tensormatrix arrowDevelop a multi-role AI agent to analyze IT network errors and suggest solutions

tensormatrix arrowConduct IT QA report analysis and summarize user satisfaction

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Patent Comparison and Analysis

tensormatrix arrowExtract the patent knowledge tree using a fine-tuned LLM

tensormatrix arrowAssess the novelty of the patent using an AI agent and the patent tree

tensormatrix arrowMerge in-store patent data and web information to create a patent development report with LLM

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LLM-Based Dental QA Voice Assistant

tensormatrix arrowUse an agent to schedule appointments and analyze patients' conditions

tensormatrix arrowProvide initial suggestions for basic patient issues

tensormatrix arrowConduct follow-ups on patients' conditions post-hospital visit

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ChatToData for Gas Market Analysis

tensormatrix arrowUtilize a fine-tuned LLM model to convert text into SQL for data interpretation

tensormatrix arrowOffer advanced data analysis leveraging LLM

tensormatrix arrowDevelop an ML pipeline to forecast future gas market fluctuations based on the LLM-recommended workflow

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